Provenance Gallery, San Antonio, 2016


"Shevchenko’s work is filled with wonderment, a sense of awe, and her palette is rich and aptly used. Her employment of the egg tempera method aids in bringing these works to life. The pensive quality, filled with symbolic imagery, of these works is sure to startle the viewer into submission, feet planted before the image." --Jason Lee Gil from NowCastSA

"Crux is a documentation of the internal world of the psyche in the moments of upheaval. When I came across the word crux, meaning, the core, or essence of something resonated with me. I knew that was the impetus of what my current paintings' theme had been revealing. While I created them I was battling my internal morass with the need to reconcile changes that had transpired within and without. Life’s trials and struggles produce alchemical reactions that forever transmute the self. In Crux, I longed to capture the beautifully chaotic process of transformation at the pivotal moment as it transpires, or in the wake of its aftermath. This mysterious process is depicted in the feminine embodiment with symbols from the natural world to reveal what is simmering beneath the surface of consciousness. At times devastatingly emotional, at other times existentially retrospective, these are the introspective journeys within that are seldom seen." - Kat Shevchenko 

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