Optimistic Formations 2018

Rubio Gallery - South

Artist Statement


Miracles abound in every moment. Tragedies intermingle with the greatest of joys. This experience has got them all, in infinitely endless ways. In every moment, a birth, a death, a step from light to dark. The beginning of this series, was like a gasping seed, that had been in limbo for far too long residing in the dim corners of my psyche.


The past couple years has been a journey to pick myself up from emotionally devastating personal tragedies and to begin to paint again and find the spark, the tiny flicker of light that provides an infinite harbor in the darkness.


Throughout the creation process,  I sought to free myself from too much over analyzing and embrace the delicious terror of rediscovering the expressive dance of the sublime and chaotic elements of symbolic imagery.  These paintings are like my cheerleaders from the void, they are my steps back from despair to hope, my optimistic formations.


--Kat Shevchenko, 2018

More Images coming soon!

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