Triangle Collective:Dakini

I am so proud to be a part of this awesome women art group! Our second show Dakini is coming up soon, your Divine Presence is requested.
Triangle Collective is a group of multidisciplinary artists based in San Antonio, Texas that create art embodying the Divine Feminine.

We are delighted to present our second group show, "Dakini" featuring the art of Jagwired Art, Kwanzaa Edwards, Frances Moeller, Kat Shevchenko, Maria-Jessica Alvarado, and Drea Faorie.

Dakini is the ancient Sanskrit word for female empowerment. Transcendent beings of energy capable of unlimited potential creation; dakinis personify the pinnacle of feminine spiritual power in this world and realms beyond. Each of the artworks represents the artist's interpretation of the Dakini manifesting in their subject matter.


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